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All tanks are made from mild steel which is electrically welded. The design of the tank is such that the base and cover thickness is related to the size and weight of the finished product. The core and coils are fixed to the tank in such a way that damage will not result during transport.

All tanks are oil pressure tested to a pressure of 0.4 At plus the weight of oil contained.

The interior of the tank is painted with oil and heat resistant paints. Zinc chromate red oxide primer is applied to the exterior, before applying two coats of weather proof outdoor type synthetic enamel paint of shade IS:631.

Routine Tests

The following tests are carried out on all Transformers without fail.

  1. Resistance measurement of all windings at normal tap position of each unit.

  2. Ratio tests on all rap connection.

  3. Polarity and Vector group tests at normal tap.

  4. No load loss at rated voltage at normal tap.

  5. Excitation current measurement at rated voltage, at normal tap. 

  6. Impedance and load loss measurement at rated current, at normal tap of each unit.

  7. Separate Source Voltage withstand test.

  8. Induce over voltage withstand test.

  9. Measurement of insulation resistance..


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