REQUIREMENT: The raw materials order is based on order volume, and as per monthly planning and schedule of requirement from our factory.

QUOTATION: Our rates are then verified either over telephone or on fax from reputed suppliers/manufacturers.

PLACE ORDER: After a comparison of rates from different suppliers, an order is placed to the suitable supplier, taking into consideration their ability to supply good quantity materials according to our requirements.

SHIPMENT: A confirmation is given by the supplier about the shipment and its booking, and transported after that. The relevant documents of release of booked materials are then released from the transporter.

RECEIVING: At this stage, the received materials from transporter goes through checking of quantity and the materials quantity of purchased materials by our equipment and registered in our stock books. Only after satisfactory results, materials are placed in the line of production. If any discrepancy is found in respect to quantity or quality, it is returned back to the supplier.


Prag Electricals has been a pioneer in the field of design and manufacturing of transformers for the past three decades. Our timely execution and quality is one of the main pillars of our success. As is the nature of the business, our main interaction is business to business more than business to consumer. Therefore quality, timely execution and competitive pricing are our main strengths for marketing.