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Transformers manufactured strictly conform to all relevant BSS/ISS standards. All components are assembled in the Transformer only after satisfactory piece wise testing. All fittings and accessories are as per IS/BS recommendation. Special transformers can be manufactured in our most up-to-date sophisticated plant. We have been supplying different types of Transformers to different customers as per their specific demands... more

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        Winding                       Tanks
Transformer windings are designed to meet three fundamental requirements such as mechanical, thermal and electrical. they are cylindrical in shape and are assembled concentrically...    more
All tanks are made from mild steel which is electrically welded. The design of the tank is such that the base and cover thickness is related to the size and weight of the finished product. The core and coils are fixed to the tank in such a way that damage will not result during transport.   more  
        Construction Core The core is built up from interleaved low loss cold rolled ,grain oriented steel laminations. Individual stampings are coated on both sides with an insulating material which is both oil and temperature resistant... more


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